6 Week Evolve™ Programme

Joanne Powley Pilates 6 Week Evolve™ programme

We want you to get the very best from your Joanne Powley Pilates class so we have developed a system that takes you from the basic exercise and builds you strength, stamina, flexibility, and confidence using the 6 core principles of Pilates. You will see real progress in your abilities. Each exercise can be modified to meet your requirements, but always with the emphasis on progression. Each 6 weeks the programme changes to keep you motivated to reach new and challenging goals.

Week 1 – Centering. Identifying how the strength for each exercise comes from the Powerhouse

Week 2 – Concentration. Bringing you the awareness to what your body is doing during each exercise

Week 3 -Breathing. Co-ordinating your breathing with every movement. Using the breath correctly will enable you to perform each exercise to a higher level

Week 4 – Precision. Every movement has a purpose – there is nothing random in Pilates! Precise, clean movements build control

Week 5 – Control. Total control of all the muscles, both active and stabilisers. Gaining control not only of  the body part that is moving, but keeping the rest of the body still and under control

Week 6 – Flow. All movements are smooth and graceful. This is the bringing together of all the other elements into a coordinated and rhythmically seamless movement.

An amazing progression since week 1 and you are now ready to move to a new 6 week block of progressive Pilates exercises