Corporate Pilates

Joanne Powley Corporate Pilates

We know that 24% of sickness absences are caused by musculoskeletal conditions. Absence from work due to these common health problems can be reduced by introducing workplace interventions and taking action to improve your employees health and well being.

Government initiatives such as The Workplace Well Being Charter supports businesses to understand the benefits of improving well being and realise the extraordinary advantages that a healthy workforce can bring to your business.

So, if you are an employer committed to improving the health and well being of your staff, Joanne Powley Corporate Pilates has the solution for you. Not sure how it would go down in your workplace? We’re happy to come in a deliver a” try before you buy” to ensure this is right for all of you.

What we do  – Option 1

We bring our Evolve™ Programme to your premises, including all required insurances and medical screening. We deal with the payment options and bookings.

What you do

You provide an undisturbed space (reasonably sized meeting rooms work well) and 45 minutes per week for your staff to participate in the class.

You do not charge for us to use your room space, so in turn we can offer your staff a heavily subsidised rate that makes this a very attractive offer, without the need to leave work or buy an expensive gym membership.

Option 2  

Alternatively, you can use Joanne Powley Corporate Pilates as a great perk for your hardworking employees. As above, we provide everything needed to run the class, you provide the space and time, but you pay us directly and the staff get complimentary classes.

 It couldn’t be simpler and everyone’s a winner.  Here’s to a fitter and healthier workforce!!!