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About Joanne - Joanne Powley Pilates, Ipswich, Suffolk.Joanne Powley Pilates, Ipswich, Suffolk.

About Joanne

Hi – thank you for getting to know me. I truly believe in Pilates and the difference it can make to your life.

I have a bad back – Degenerative scoliosis that has trapped the sciatic nerve, the start of osteoporosis, arthritis in the spine and several bulging disks – some of it genetic and some of it is years of high impact sports 영화 산타바바라. I’m of the generation that went for the “burn”!!!

I started yoga in my early 20’s to keep me flexible but as I aged, and my back deteriorated, I felt I needed more 런타스틱. 16 years ago a Pilates instructor began teaching at a gym I was working at in Cape Town…… AND I WAS INSTANTLY HOOKED.

I could not believe what a difference it made to how I felt, how I looked, but also what a physically challenging workout it was without jumping up and down ms office 2010 무설치 다운로드.

Joseph Pilates, founder of this method, says that “in 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will be on your way to having a whole new body.”

Pilates is a slow burn and doesn’t show instant results and that’s OK 스케치업 포디움.  To become skilled at Pilates requires time and practice, but you will get results. It has enabled me to maintain a level of fitness that no other form of exercise could achieve Download More Grey. I still run (if my doctor is reading this – I’m sorry I lied to you!) and cycle, and I use Pilates as pain relief on days when my back hates me 맨 프럼 어스 다운로드.

I love to see people use Pilates to support their development in other sports and my (sceptical) duathlete husband is now attending a minimum of 3 classes a week as part of his Great Britain International competition preparation 날아라 슈퍼보드 다운로드.

Each instructor takes an individual view on how Pilates is taught and this is great! We all follow the fundamentals but the exciting developments in the industry are born out of these interpretations which keeps it fresh Download the Star Wars movie. I have developed the Evolve™ 6-week programme for mixed ability mat work classes and the dynamic Joanne Powley Aqua-Pilates™ programme that takes your favourite workout into the water and to a whole new level Model free!

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to ensure that you get the very best experience at one of my classes. I always have time to talk to you and discuss your individual needs 보내기 다운로드.

Joanne Powley ♥