Virtual Timetable

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  • Mixed abilityanyone who has done Pilates before, all levels welcome as the exercises are fully adaptable
  • Beginners Class Lockdown getting you down WindowsUpdate pending? Then now is a good time to start Pilates – a gentle introduction to the best exercise in the world!
  • Intermidiate/advanced classbeen doing Pilates for awhile and want to challenge yourself 어스토니시아 스토리? Like a normal class only no mercy!
  • Grumpy Backs – Is your back having a moan? This class is designed to help you when your back is not happy but still give you a good core workout
  • Swissball Pilatesdo you have a swissball lurking in the cupboard 사운드 클라우드 음악? If so then join us at 6pm on Tuesdays (intermidiate/advanced only)
  • Closed Class these are classes that have moved online for groups already working togther